Press Release: UTEP Launches TEKSWatch Initiative

September 10, 2009
UTEP Launches TEKSWatch Initiative

El Paso, Texas – The Texas State Board of Education is revising the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)—the standards that govern social studies teaching in the public schools. Press coverage has drawn attention to controversial proposals to remove figures from the curriculum, but questions remain. What are the proposed changes? Will they remove César Chávez and Thurgood Marshall? Who will make the final decision? What do they want Texas children to learn?

The Center for History Teaching & Learning at UTEP announces a new TEKSWatch Initiative. TEKSWatch aims to educate the public about the revision process and to encourage public participation in the process. Accordingly, the initiative features:

• A website containing information about the revision process, links to press coverage, observations about the proposed changes, and lesson materials suitable for engaging college and secondary students.

• A mailing list by which to keep informed of the latest developments.

• A public information meeting in El Paso on September 24.

We welcome feedback from any and all who are interested in the process and invite collaboration with other groups or initiatives.

The Center for History Teaching & Learning is a division of UTEP’s History Department designed to promote scholarly teaching among department faculty, to support teacher education among our students, and to provide outreach and professional development opportunities for area social studies teachers.


Keith A. Erekson, Director, Center for History Teaching & Learning,

URL for the “TEKSWatch” Initiative:

URL for the Center for History Teaching & Learning:

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