CHTL Assembles Resources for Bible Courses

November 18, 2009
Center for History Teaching & Learning Assembles Resources for Bible Courses

El Paso, Texas – Beginning with the current school year, Texas public high schools are authorized to offer a course on the Bible as either an English or a social studies elective. Because the state has not allocated any funding or endorsed any curriculum materials, the Center for History Teaching & Learning announces a new website for community members, school administrators, and teachers who are considering, designing, or teaching a course on the Bible. The site compiles resources and teaching materials, analysis and commentary, and local and national media references. Visit the site to explore:

• Resources and teaching materials including information about versions of the bible, reviews of the two presently available textbooks, and links to other helpful books, websites, and teacher training opportunities.

• Analysis and commentary about legal considerations surrounding Bible courses in the public schools, data and analysis about the need for Bible literacy, and the major advocacy groups promoting Bible literacy.

• Media coverage about implementation of the current Texas Bible course legislation, a recent Bible course and lawsuit in Odessa, TX, and the wider movement for Bible Literacy.

The Center for History Teaching & Learning is a division of UTEP’s History Department created to promote scholarly teaching among department faculty, support teacher education among our students, and provide outreach and professional development opportunities for area social studies teachers.


URL for the Bible Literacy resource page:

Keith A. Erekson, Director, Center for History Teaching & Learning,

Center for History Teaching & Learning,

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