Press Release: Free Resources for Understanding the Texas Social Studies Revisions

April 28, 2010
Free Resources for Understanding the Texas Social Studies Revisions

El Paso, Texas – The Center for History Teaching & Learning announces two free resources for understanding the ongoing K‐12 social studies revision process.

• Texas Social Studies Simplified is a three‐page booklet that briefly and clearly explains what is going on, why it matters, who is involved, and when the process will be done. It also corrects the many errors circulating in the media about the revision process.

• The TEKSWatch website ( provides expanded coverage of everything related to the revision process. Visitors to the site will find answers to frequently asked questions, an overview of the entire process, information about participants in the process, and recommendations for setting current developments into the broader picture of education in Texas and America. The site tracks media coverage and commentary—including humor—and also features a page listing opportunities for interested citizens to get involved.

Both Texas Social Studies Simplified and the navigational aids on the TEKSWatch website are available in Spanish. All of the resources are made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers.

The Center for History Teaching & Learning is a division of UTEP’s History Department created to promote scholarly teaching among department faculty, support teacher education among our students, and provide outreach and professional development opportunities for area social studies teachers.

For more information, contact Dr. Keith A. Erekson at 915‐747‐5878 or

Visit TEKSWatch at

Free copies of Texas Social Studies Simplified are available at

Free copies of Estudios Sociales de Texas Simplificados are available at

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