TEKSWatch Update: Muslims, Analysis, and Impact

1. SBOE Passes Resolution on Religion in Textbooks (pro-Christian, anti-Muslim) – see the full text of the resolution, learn about its origins, and peruse a list of media coverage.

2. Analysts are now weighing in on the final draft of the standards – one finds them not so bad, the ACLU of Texas alleges the SBOE abused its power, and Jewish groups debate amongst themselves.

3. What impact will the standards have? A public opinion poll registers concern, California’s governor vetoes a bill against adopting Texas materials, Maryland vows no Texas influence there, and finally one Texas state legislator speaks out.

4. Texans begin to look ahead to the textbooks that will be adopted based on the new standards. Some of the early considerations include how the state will pay for the books, Texas’s role in the national textbook market, and the role of technology.

5. Review resources for teaching about the process.

Find the latest at TEKSWatch.

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