TEKSWatch Update: Continuing Criticism

1. Though the final draft of the Texas social studies standards was established in August 2010, critics continue to press for revision in the months leading up to August 2011 when the standards will officially take effect in the state’s public schools. The NAACP and LULAC have filed claims on the basis of bias, discrimination, and the violation of constitutional and civil rights. The Fordham Institute rated the standards poorly and singled out their political bias. Some Republican state lawmakers are speaking out against the standards and the process that brought them about.

2. The TEKSWatch website continues to update information on the process. We are pleased to announce a new online archive of past TEKSWatch Updates. Interested persons may now also follow the site on Facebook or via RSS feed.

3. Of related interest . . . the state of Texas previously authorized the teaching of a “Bible Literacy” course in Texas public high schools, either as an elective social studies or English course. A new bill before the state legislature proposes to authorize such a course at the middle school level and to remove the need for any credentials on the part of the teacher. Find out more at the Bible Literacy page hosted by the Center for History Teaching & Learning.

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