Resource of the Week: The Avalon Project

Resource:       The Avalon Project

Provider:        Yale Law School


Review by:     Yessica Irigoyen

The Avalon Project provides information about laws, history, and diplomacy of many different countries around the world. The website includes detailed information about laws, policies, and constitutions. It is organized by a timeline dating from 4000 BCE to 2001. The information is divided by centuries, which can be easily accessed by clicking on the different tabs. Each tab provides a list of important laws or policies that were implemented during that time period. The law or policy are organized by date and are defined to inform the reader about its importance. Each policy or law is followed by the date, an explanation, the source of the information, and some even include a copy of the document.  This website compiles a long detailed list of important laws and policies that have been put into effect throughout the years.

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Reviews of teaching resources are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the Center for History Teaching & Learning, the UTEP History Department, or the University of Texas at El Paso. Reviews are published during the academic year.

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