Resource of the Week: El Paso County History

Resource:       El Paso County Historical Society: El Paso County History

Provider:        El Paso County Historical Society


Review by:     Jessica Perea

The website is designed to inform readers on the history of the city of El Paso, TX.  On the left hand side you come across tabs with information. The Jane Burges Perrenot Research Center is dedicated to the woman who collected history of the city and the state of Texas. Here you can find photos, postcards, presentations, and archives. The online documents help preserve the original documents from being damaged. Up to this point the society has uploaded three links. El Paso County history gives a brief account of the major events that occurred. . This goes back to the first Europeans crossing through the Pass of the North in 1581. There is also information on the history of Juarez, Mexico. Readers can also search topics in the archives. Anyone interested in the Historical Society may sign up for a membership as well. Prices are listed in the “join now” tab on the left hand side.

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Reviews of teaching resources are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the Center for History Teaching & Learning, the UTEP History Department, or the University of Texas at El Paso. Reviews are published during the academic year.

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