Resource of the Week: Living Room Candidate

Resource:       Living Room Candidate

Provider:        Museum of the Moving Image


Review by:    Matthew Akers

The Living Room Candidate features a collection more than 300 presidential campaign commercials, spanning from the first presidential appearance on the television screen of Ike in 1952 to the present. The collection is broken down into categories such as: election year, type of ad, and issue. Each broad heading dives further into more specific areas of interest. The Living Room Candidate also includes links to online resources for further research in related fields, like the 2008 presidential election (candidate websites, websites about the campaigns, and blogs), political commercials (funders, makers, targets, analysis, a history of, and bibliographies), politics in general (presidential history and political campaigns), and previous presidential election websites (’96, ’00, ’04). As an added bonus for educators, there are eight pre-made lesson plans, an interactive feature called AdMaker, in which you can re-edit and make your own presidential ads, and links to more online lesson plans. This website is expansive and covers many aspects of its scope.

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Reviews of teaching resources are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the Center for History Teaching & Learning, the UTEP History Department, or the University of Texas at El Paso. Reviews are published during the academic year.

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