Lendol Calder visits UTEP

Historian Lendol Calder recently visited UTEP to talk about “uncovering” history. On the morning of Saturday, May 26, a crowded room of history teachers—from both the secondary and college levels—listened as Dr. Calder discussed the crisis in history education and the harms of traditional teaching methods. He introduced the concept of “backwards design” and coached attendees through the process of identifying the ends of history instruction—the essential questions—and then building assessment and learning activities to meet them.

Then, Calder met with the History Survey Project Fellows in a three-hour working session in which he provided specific feedback on the courses they are redesigning to be taught throughout El Paso during the 2012-2013 academic year. He introduced the Fellows to a host of key teaching resources that are now listed in the HSP online bibliography.

Calder is a Professor of History at Augustana College and a leader in the growing movement to bring scholarly modes of inquiry to teaching and learning in higher education. His visit was part of the History Survey Project, an innovative professional development program designed to produce real change in the teaching and learning of history. It is hosted by the Center for History Teaching & Learning through a generous grant from the Texas Faculty Collaborative for Social Studies of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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