Historian Discusses American Foreign Policy

Historian and former Navy serviceman Dr. George C. Herring discussed more than 200 years of American foreign policy for a packed house at UTEP on Monday night. Looking at the dramatic story of America’s emergence as a superpower, from the American Revolution to the fifty-year struggle with communism and conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, Herring pointed out enduring themes as well as subtle ironies. Americans have always been engaged in diplomacy and always taken a sense of destiny into the international arena. Herring pointed out both triumphs and blunders as Americans worked to secure their place in the world from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century.

Herring_01The public lecture kicked off a four-day professional development event for social studies teachers that is co-sponsored by Humanities Texas and UTEP’s Center for History Teaching & Learning. Herring is a specialist in the history of U.S. foreign relations and has received National Endowment for the Humanities, Fulbright, and Guggenheim fellowships. His book, From Colony to Superpower, was published in 2008 in Oxford University Press’s prestigious History of the United States Series and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in non-fiction.

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