New Lesson Materials about Glory Road

El Paso, Texas – Just in time for March Madness, El Paso area educators have prepared lessons materials about the 1966 national champion Miner team for use in history, social studies, language arts, and physical education classes. The lesson ideas together with dozens of additional Glory Road-related resources have been assembled on a new web page hosted by the Center for History Teaching & Learning.

One of the most important moments in UTEP history came on March 19, 1966, when the men’s basketball team beat Kentucky for the NCAA National Championship. The racial dynamics changed college sports, the coach and team were inducted into the Hall of Fame, the victory is consistently ranked as one of the greatest of all time, and the story has been immortalized in the 2006 motion picture Glory Road. UTEP’s centennial year provides the perfect occasion in which teachers can help a new generation of students to appreciate the community’s history and look forward to its future.

The participating educators responded to a contest hosted by UTEP’s Center for History Teaching & Learning as part of UTEP’s Centennial Celebration and received a special commemorative Centennial prize pack.


Glory Road Teaching Materials

UTEP’s Centennial Celebration

The Center for History Teaching & Learning


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